Me, a Techno-Nerd? Well, …. Yeah.

June 30th, 2012

My laptop became possessed by a tech demon recently and had to spend two days at the Apple store getting a new finger pad. While it was gone, I realized something. I can’t live without my computer, not just as a writer, but as a mom, wife, and member of the human race as well. And it made me wonder, is the entire modern world as attached to there technology as I am or have I become a techno-nerd? (I’d love to here some thoughts on this so post away!)

I already know the answer to part of this, I am a techno-nerd. I have a smart phone, a Kindle Fire, and a MacBook Air. And yes, they all get used daily. If someone had said to me twenty years ago my life would look like this, I would have laughed them off the stage of an acting class. But in 2012, do writers have any choice but to embrace the technology available to them?

While some might disagree, I think not.

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