From No News to All News

December 11th, 2012

I haven’t posted a new blog lately because, well, there hasn’t been much to say. I’ve been writing a little, trying to prep the Thomas Hall series for self e-publishing, and just living my life. Of course, just when life seems quiet, that’s when things go crazy.

First a bit of sad news. I have written my last article for Sweet Tea Magazine. The December online edition will be the final issue as the owner has decided to pursue other opportunities. It has been a pleasure to write a regular column for Sweet Tea Magazine and I am currently exploring other magazine writing opportunities.

And then there is a little more news. Not exactly news yet, but more like a teaser. There may be something big happening with Crush at Thomas Hall. I’m not a liberty to say what it is just yet though. The possibility alone though makes me happy and could truly jumpstart my writing career! I will post more when I can. I just hate counting my chickens before they hatch. So for now, I won’t.

I hope everyone is enjoying this crazy holiday season as much as I am. Regardless of what you celebrate, may you find it full of love, joy, and peace.

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  1. Pat Sorensen says:

    Pursuing your dreams makes it all worthwhile! God Bless Beth, Best wishes for a prolific 2013 ! Love, Pat XO

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