Growing up along the Chesapeake Bay, I found no greater joy than lying on the beach reading a book. (Thanks Mom!) The stories would take me from a comfortable spot in the sand to exotic places with amazing characters and exciting tales.

As an adult, I replaced the fictional adventures with some real life adventures of my own. I worked a variety of jobs, from making cotton candy at a well-known theme park to digitizing city maps of a famous beach resort town. I went to college, traveled, made two bi-coastal moves, married, had three children over thirteen years, and resided in five states over two decades.

Still an avid reader, I’ve been known to read up to ten books a month. I love to read both fiction and non-fiction; ranging from best-selling authors to new and local authors publishing for the first time.

I have a B.S. in Geography from Old Dominion University where I studied cartography, natural hazards, and the geography of wine. I am currently a member of Sister in Crime and the Romance Writers of America.

I currently reside in North Carolina with my husband and three children. We make the trip back to my favorite beach in Virginia whenever we can.